Rare, Unique and Unusual Plates for sale in Eumundi, QLD

Rare, Unique and Unusual Plates
Rare, Unique and Unusual Plates
Rare, Unique and Unusual Plates
Rare, Unique and Unusual Plates
Rare, Unique and Unusual Plates
Rare, Unique and Unusual Plates
Rare, Unique and Unusual Plates
Rare, Unique and Unusual Plates
Rare, Unique and Unusual Plates
Rare, Unique and Unusual Plates
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At the time this advertisement
was placed this collection of rare, unique and unusual plates included the
following plates.

277-CLC……. QLD PLATE…. $2000.00

CLK-23……. QLD PLATE…. $2000.00

CLK-43……. QLD PLATE…. $2000.00

SLK-04……. QLD PLATE…. $2000.00

QLD PLATE…. $1000.00

QLD PLATE…. $1000.00

QLD PLATE…. $1000.00

QLD PLATE…. $1000.00

QLD PLATE…. $1000.00

003-BMW …….
QLD PLATE…. $1000.00

QLD PLATE…. $1000.00

QLD PLATE…. $1000.00

QLD PLATE…. $1000.00

QLD PLATE…. $1000.00

LEMON……. QLD PLATE….. $10,000.00 (Complete with book)

……. QLD PLATE…. $2000.00

006-C……. VICTORIAN PLATE….. Price on application

TOW……. QLD PLATE…. Price on application

TOW- 71…… QLD PLATE ….Price on application

TOW-72…… QLD PLATE ….Price on application

734-MGN….. CALIFONIAN Not useable in Australia….

item 50 year membership plaque RACQ.

These could sell at any
moment. Please don't delay your enquiry. You could miss out.

Phone Now: (07) 5442 8111

-Contact Ivan

*Please Note*

We are an auto wrecker that holds over 1200 cars, bodies,
and misc. parts at any given time.

We have cars, motors, trims, panels, tires, batteries,
gearboxes, diffs, Utes, trucks, and a huge range spread over almost all makes
over many models and years.

We specialize in a lot of rare early model parts as well.

We have been in business supplying the public and
automobile industry on the coast for over 26 years.

If the item or vehicle advertised here is not exactly what
you want contact us anyway, the chances are we can find it for you!

These second-hand parts are for sale at our lot at Eumundi
Wreckers and so they could be withdrawn from the marketplace at any time due to sale. (So be quick!)

Some parts sell quite quickly so it may be a good idea to
phone us as soon as you can.

We offer Saturday Morning pick up.

You pay a small deposit and we will get it out ready for
Saturday Morning Pick Up.

We are a busy yard at the moment with a large turn-over of
stock (many happy customers) so to avoid disappointment please do not delay your inquiry. (I can't stress this point

For the quickest service phone Ivan Harrison right now.

Phone 07 54428866 during
working hours or visit us at

You will find us at

1263 Eumundi Noosa Road.
Eumundi 4562

Just 2 K's out from
Eumundi on the hill or 11 K's inland from

Plenty of customers
parking, including trucks.

Email. eumundiwreckers@gmail.com

Due to the large amount
of spam we have recently changed our policy. All emails and texts will no
longer be answered. Phoning us is much more personal and you get a quicker
response. Please phone us first.

New Car Service & Warranty
conditions as stated below do not apply to second
hand vehicles and parts.

We at Eumundi Auto Wreckers thank you for your interest.

  Call for Price

Secondhand and new aftermarket auto parts.

Eumundi Noosa Auto Wreckers was established over 30 years ago. We have over 1000 cars in stock and a huge shed full of motors and miscellaneous auto parts, so we would most likely have the part you need or can try our contacts to get it. We are experienced in obtaining new and aftermarket parts and can post small items, send medium by courier or arrange freight, all at buyers cost.

Our prices have been very competitive for many years. Try Us!

We also tow away any unwanted vehicles/scrap metal for FREE.

Contact Eumundi Noosa Auto Wreckers today!